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Welcome to the CDinteractive network for CD-i related websites.

The CDinteractive network will be host to a comprehensive range of CD-i websites from technical schematics to articles and interviews you'll find it all here. Asides from these resources all hosted websites commit to a single forum that will ensure an active community catering for all the diversity offered.

CDinteractive News

12th July 2005
Due to its historical significance the CDinteractive network has acquired the domain used for the British CD-i Internet service from 1996 through to 2000. The domain will be linked to the CDinteractive hosting service.

3rd July 2005
The CDinteractive hosting website is launched!! This will remain a simple website dedicated only to news concerning the entire network of CD-i related websites, more topical community focused websites like The Black Moon Project and Le Monde Du CD-i will post all the CD-i News you'll need to know.

At the moment we have provided hosting to the historical net resource The New International CD-i Associaition. Control over the content has been given to the CDinteractive network where we hope to provide a steady stream of updates and continue the excellent work the previous owner Jorg Kennis has put into this resource.

The New International CD-i Association

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