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Digital Nomads

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:16 pm
by nomads
Came across this forum and surprised it existed!

I was a s/w developer on CDi platform working for Chrysalis Multimedia in early 90s. We developed training titles for Philips [day job], but more interestingly a couple of us created a demo called Interactive Club Environment (ICe) under the name Digital Nomads [night job]. Got some newspaper and Tv coverage at the time but nothing was ever released.

Main feature was the "dancing man" where you used the controller to make a silhouette figure dance to a rapidly pallette cycling background. The music was written especially at 142bpm in order to be able to loop whole bars of music (audio was loaded from sectors which were a fixed number of bytes, 142bpm fits exactly into a whole number of sectors) the music was then resequenced in real time. An "in development feature" was to analyse the dance speed and dynamically choose appropriate music segments, but the demo version was randomised.

We approached Philips for funding but they had just given all their money for "interesting" titles to Hex / Coldcut, so you will have never seen it - unless you hung around at the end of the CDi developers conference in 93.

I've got the original burn of the demo - if anyone's interested and you can tell me how I can upload it somewhere.

Digital Nomads

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:13 pm
by Bas
Hello and welcome! That sounds very nice! What is the size of it? We'd be very interested to see it!

I'd like to talk to you about it! Unfortunately, I don't have much time now, but we'll return.