Promising new list of CD-i games compatible with new CD-i Emulator (yet to be released)

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Promising new list of CD-i games compatible with new CD-i Emulator (yet to be released)

Post by Bas » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:40 am

If you collect all the data that is available (lately new additions are on 'the world of cdi' website, on which CD-i games are tested with beta5 of the CD-i Emulator 0.53, it's really promising:

A Great Day at the Races: Not working – Crashes after menu option.
Accelerator: Partially working – Crashes at some point
Alice in Wonderland: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Arcade Classics: Working – Start menu with black background.
Asterix: Caesar' s Challenge: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Atlantis: The Last Resort: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Axis & Allies: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Backgammon: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Battle Ship: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Brain Dead 13: Not Working – Hangs on loading
Burn:Cycle: Working – No Issues (very slight sound delay)
Caesar's World of Boxing: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Caesar's World of Gambling: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
CD Shoot: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Chaos Control: Not Working – No mouse pointer at main menu
Christmas Country: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Christmas Crisis: Working – Some black screen videos
Cluedo: Black Background makes the game unplayable
Cluedo 2: Black Background makes the game unplayable
Connect 4: Partially Working – Hangs after quiting a game
Creature Shock: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Dark Castle: Working – No issues? (Some trouble with the controls)
Defender of the Crown: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Domino: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Dragon's Lair: Not Working (?) – Doesn’t react
Dragon's Lair 2: Not Working (?) – Doesn’t react
Drug Wars: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Earth Command: Not Working – Hangs after loading screen
Effacer: Working – No Issues (Limited play)
Escape from Cybercity: Not Working – Hangs after difficulty selection
Family Games 1: Not Working – Hangs after difficulty selection
Family Games 2: Not Working
Flashback: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Girl's Club: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Golden Oldies 1: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Golden Oldies 2: Working – Black background on games start screen
Hotel Mario: Working – No issues (Limited play)
Inca: Partially Working – Random? hangs at the middle of the game
International Tennis Open: Working – Some black screen menus
Jeopardy: Not Working – Hangs at name selection
Jigsaw: Working – minor glitchy images when about to change screen
Kether: Working – No issues (Limited play)
L'Affair Morlov: Working – Small sound glitches
Laser Lords: Partially Working – Crashes when using the Gamean Crystal.
Les Guignols de L'Info: Partially Working – Some crashes, sound issues

Of course, these add up to the list that was already tested with 0.51, including games The Apprentice and Steel Machine, Pyramid Adventures and Video Speedway all work fine.

How is it going?

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