CD-i Emulator Player ROM/BIOS Compatibility

CD-i Emulator is the first fully evolving windows compatible emulator project of the Philips CD-i system. Discuss the emulator, compatibility issues, seek help and support to get the program operating and post what you'd like to see in future revisions of the program. CD-i players ROM (BIOS) requests, begging and links will not be tolerated. Otherwise feel free to post your thoughts on this amazing new piece of software.
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CD-i Emulator Player ROM/BIOS Compatibility

Post by Devin » Mon Sep 12, 2005 1:38 am

The CD-i Emulator Teaser website has been updated with a compatibility list linked below courtesy of the author CD-i Fan. This should give you an idea if your CD-i players ROM or BIOS is compatible with the emulator. As you can see compatibility is very good at the moment for Philips players with the more exotic brands to be supported in the future once the main consumer players are fully compatible. An example is the 370 which is in fact an LG unit rebranded for Philips use. Also interestingly CD-i Fan found that the 21TCDI30 is a CD-i 210/40 inside a TV!! Who knows what other surprises we'll find in these ROMS.

CD-i Teaser Compatibility Chart

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