Professional SONY CD-i Mouse + Free Bonus

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Professional SONY CD-i Mouse + Free Bonus

Post by Devin » Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:30 pm auction: Professional SONY CD-i Mouse + Free Bonus


Have a few major RetroGaming projects in the works so time for a money generating stock clearance! :wink:

Professional SONY CD-i Mouse compatible with Philips CD-i players in used but good working condition. These were typically bundled with the then expensive and desirable SONY Intelligent Walkman (IVO-V10/V11) and was never available for purchase as a separate peripheral controller outside of the professional market. This SONY CD-i Mouse is a sleek and sexy piece of kit in comparison to the bulky and ugly models released through Philips. Perfect for both desktop and portable Philips CD-i players this is an excellent controller for collectors or the casual CD-i user alike.

Each SONY CD-i Mouse sale will receive a FREE BONUS in the form of a brand new factory sealed version of The 7th Guest complete with original stickers attached to the shrink wrap. This is the USA issued version of the packaging, compatible with all regions of CD-i player and includes a Music CD featuring tracks from the game. However it should be known that this version, like the majority of CD pressings for The 7th Guest is notorious for bugs with the 400 and 500 series of CD-i players. A limited 'Bug Fix' version was eventually released but most you find on the used market today contain this bug anyway!

Limited supplies so BUY THEM while you still can!
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