Philips CD-i x3 Handbooks Brand New + Free Bonus

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Philips CD-i x3 Handbooks Brand New + Free Bonus

Post by Devin » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:27 pm auction: Philips CD-i x3 Handbooks Brand New + Free Bonus


Created by Philips Interactive Media Systems this series of books was designed to inform those interested in the applications of CD-i technology. The first in this series of three books is aimed at the casual reader entitled Introducing CD-I and offers interesting insights into the hopes and aspirations for the format. Whilst the latter two books, The CD-I Design Handbook and The CD-I Production Handbook are more technical and aimed squarely at the development community. A synopsis of each book follows...

Introducing CD-I: Provides a leap into the fascinating world of this revolutionary technology. Begin to explore the possibilities of CD-I: Assess the publishing potential in the professional, educational and consumer markets. Aimed at anyone interested in CD-I: this non-technical, richly-illustrated overview will appeal to all those interested in the implications of this exciting multimedia technology. Examine the design, programming and production issues surrounding the creation of CD-I titles. Follow the evolution of a CD-I title from conception to publication. Introducing CD-I contains a documented case study.

The CD-i Production Handbook: Provides an authorative guide to producing CD-I titles. Aimed at producers, designers and programmers this handbook provides an understanding of individual roles and how they relate to one another. Demonstrates how to convert an idea for a CD-I disc into a working programme, highlighting the practical opportunities and problems unique to CD-I. Explores the step by step development of a CD-I programme. Provides detailed guidance on managing the complexity of CD-I production.

The CD-I Design Handbook: Provides an authorative guide to designing CD-I titles. Puts CD-I in context as one of the latest and most exciting of a number of new interactive media. Aimed at interactive designers with a technical background but no knowledge of CD-I. The CD-I Design Handbook provides detailed, practical coverage of each stage of the CD-I design process. Explores CD-I technology and the implications for designing CD-I titles. Provides valuable insight into designing for an interactive environment. Investigates the relationship between the user and machine: Examines the way the viewer interacts with the CD-I program. Defines CD-I terminology.

All these books are Brand New with all three included in each sale. Limited stock so grab them while you can!

Each sale will receive a FREE BONUS in the form of a brand new factory sealed version of Burn:Cycle. This is the USA issued version of the packaging, compatible with all regions of CD-i player and comes complete in a nifty closed slip cover and a standard CD Jewel Case. This compliments the literature nicely and shows just how a CD-i title should be made!
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