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Drug Wars,Last Bounty hunter,Lost Ride,Mad Dog 2,IR-set MORE

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:50 pm
by XCLTempesT
I'm selling some rare CDI discs en hardware on ebay:

Labyrinth of Crete
Creature Shock
Mad Dog II the lost Gold
The Last Bounty Hunter
the Lost Ride Philips
Creature Shock
Mad Dog II the lost Gold
Drug Wars
Crime Patrol
Mad Dog McCree
Who Shot Johnny Rock ?
Arcade Classics
Golden Oldies I
Golden Oldies II

Peacekeeper Revolver CDI 22 ER 9020
IR Set 22 ER 9054 Receiver and Remote
i/o port splitter 22ER9208
philips cdi-450 cd-i player

I will be selling more items and other games during the next few weeks.
So keep checking my auction on ebay from time to time for more CDI stuff

For people who understand a bit of Dutch, I'm also selling a lot of CDI and VCD discs on Marktplaats: