collection for sale on eBay

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collection for sale on eBay

Post by Shroo-man » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:05 am

seller nintendozone is selling his collection on eBay in pieces. however he is very greedy and wants people to pay way more than the actual item value. if you try to buy anything be sure to make him make a very low offer. don't let him think that people are willing to pay such ridiculous prices...

here is some of his items ... 2a03e0d553 ... 2a03f978c5 ... 2a041bf6e0 ... 2a041bf879 ... 2a041bf8b5 ... 2a041bfac9 ... 2a041bfbd1 ... 2a041bfc7b ... 2a041da7d5

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