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i wanna trade cd-i games for a cd-i or even a broken one

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:16 pm
by millerboy123
ill even trade zelda the wand of gamelon, hotel mario, and link the faces of evil they are all in like mint condition they have been played a few time but theres not a scratch on any disc they have been tooking well care of they are all in orignal condition they have all the inserts and cases the cases might have a little damages to like the corner thats the only thing wrong the outer case is not mint but everything else is.i have many other games too all are in very very good condition just as i mention about the other games. i also have movies as well like i have a about 12 star wars movies and 10 007 james bond movies and a few other titles. i have 2 roller controllers i have a mouse and a track ball 2 remotes a small one and a large one well just let me know and we can make some kind of deal i just need a cd-i or a broken 220 so i can fix mine that doesnt work because it has sentimental value to it and i would just rather fix the one i have well let me know.