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Solar Crusade 4 Zelda's Adventure (TRADE COMPLETED)

Posted: Thu May 16, 2013 9:27 pm
by kellartz
I recently received demonstrator's discs as part of a larger purchase.
which included Zelda's Adventure (White lable). I am looking to obtain Solar Crusade in a trade. I also received Link Faces of Evil and Zelda Wand of Gameleon demonstrator discs as well and will include them if you would like them. These discs are in like new condition. I just don't have an interest in these games. If anyone is remotely tempted let me know I would like to work a deal. I am new to the forum but have 100% (+) feedback with evilbay under the same user name ("kellartz") if that helps.
Anyway, keep me in mind if you have grown tired of your Solar Crusade and you would like these games.