Why do you collect CD-i?

Anything relating to CD-i can be discussed in this forum. From the multiple hardware iterations of the system to the sofware including games, reference, music and Video CDs. Maybe you hold an interest in Philips Media and the many development houses set up to cater for CD-i if so then this is the forum.
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Why do you collect CD-i?

Post by Xtincthed » Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:03 pm

i've come to these forums to get some info about my NFR's etc.. but i'm curious to why people collect CD-i

as for an outsider (but "knowledged" about games+collecting) i can't really understand why you collect for such an obscure system that pretty much "flopped" and is lost to 99.9% of the game community

i for one collect for most nintendo systems and playstation.. less niche, more cliche.. but a huge market and great collectorsitems with incredible stories and values

tell me why you like CDi.. is it just out of childhood memories or what?

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Post by K1ngArth3r » Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:00 pm

For me It's a great system, I also used to buy CD-I magazine even though I didn't own a CDi (Couldn't persuade my parents to spend £550 on one)!

My main reason for liking the system was the graphics in FMV games and all the American Laser Games/CapDisc titles.

Because I never had chance to own the system when it was originally released Is the probably the reason why I want to collect for it and own all the back catalogue of games.

Also the prices for the games and titles are really cheap compared with mainstream counterparts :)

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Post by lemmi » Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:20 pm

ive always wanted one since i saw the infomercial on TV, and after finding one in the garbage that still worked i started getting items for it like the DVC and games/movies
i have a 220, goldstar 1000, LG GDI 700M, and a dead portable "opps" 350 i mean which is sad because i wanted to sell it for money :(

i never wanted to collect all the games or items released for the system (i did that with the 3DO tho) i just wanted some good games and movies and most of the stuff i got was pretty cheap back when i was collecting for the CD-i. Cheap is a big factor on collecting for me, thats why i dont own a neo geo the price to games i would want to play ratio isnt worth it to me

so when all my CD-i systems die i probably wont buy another and just sell the games and keep the movies since a dvd player can play them

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