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CD-I Scanner and driving classes

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:47 am
by Ozfer
I was amazed when I saw that in 2004 a real company made a set of health videos for the CDI and to my amazement I was even more surprised when I saw on ebay from 2003-2009 a company made driving lesson for cd-i.

After talking to the seller apparently they are used in Germany to teach people how to drive. The scanners can scan bar-codes on paper and play the appropriated videos.

It seems crazy that a company in 2009 would use a system so old and out of production for so long as the main system for their videos. This guy also has some cd-i systems and MANY games, shipping to us for systems is like $50.

Have any of you guys seen this before? I never knew any of it existed. ... 35c083ec38 ... 35c083ec26 ... 4d05abea9a ... 5c083fa9f ... 35c083efd3 ... 35c083f346 ... 4d0636ba30 ... 35c0f667e3 ... 4d05abe60f ... 4d05abe603 ... 4d05abe605 ... d05abeead ... 4d05abeea5