Philips Home interactive System

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Philips Home interactive System

Post by Bas » Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:47 pm

From Erronous.

"Philips Home interactive System, which provides a range of connections with information and entertainment systems (television, radio, video, cable, satellite, telefax, CD & videodisc, among others) with a computer system. "

The picture shows 5 stacked components in the style of the CD-i 180 player, from top to bottom they are marked as:

-CD-i, with cd-drive
-Master(?) with two db9 joystick(?) ports and a keyboard port
-Printer with builtin printer

Next to this are a wireless (?) keyboard, mouse and graphics tablet. The keyboard looks like an MSX-keyboard (which also would explain the db9 joystick ports on the system).

Has anyone ever seen this thing? Is it a (partial) mock-up or did it really work? Any other information? Has anybody recently been to the "Huis van de toekomst" in Rosmalen? IIRC. there was a lot of Philips stuff displayed, but it has been years since I've been there."

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