CD-I 220 keeps rebooting

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CD-I 220 keeps rebooting

Post by Jongamer » Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:18 pm

Ok I just picked one of these at a thrift store just yesterday for $15, or about 9 Euros, but It didn't come with a Remote so I can't turn off shuffle for Audio CDs.

After having it on playing a music CD for a while, it started an endless loop of rebooting (but after it was playing for about 30min maybe more), and VCDs don't play at all, all the system does when I place the VCD in and hit play, the system reboots and says the VD is in a CD-I format.

FYI all the discs I tried were all burnt on Memorex CD-Rs, and the only professionally press disc that I put in was Dragonforce: Inhuman Rampage, didn't reconize it at all, most likely because it also has a Music Video on the disc. (This CD works 100% on my phat PS1, just ignores the Video file on the disc)

What is up with this? I removed the expansion card, blew dust out on the connectors, and placed it back in, didn't help at all.

And another FYI, there was no error messages at all either.

And Is there anyway to program a Universal remote to work with the CD-I?

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