Hot PSU on CD-i205/910?

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Hot PSU on CD-i205/910?

Post by coendert2010 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:17 am


I am wondering if the powersupply is running a little too hot. Both the big white 12 ohm snubberresistor and the main switching transistor heatsink get real hot.
All voltages out of the connectors are conform spec and all other active psu devices run cool as expected. The servicemanual gives however no clues to operational temperatures.

Since the switchingtransistor is located in a densly packed area with big electrolytics (temperature sensitive) and has limited coolingsurface I wonder if the high temperature is intentional.
Also the very high operationaltemperature won't be helpfull for the lifespan of the transistor either.

Can anyone reply if this is a known issue or recognises the high temperature in their unit?

Thank you in advance,

kind regards, Coen

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