cd-i 450 disc reading problems

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cd-i 450 disc reading problems

Post by Smitie » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:08 pm

Sadly, this is not the best way to introduce myself to this cd-i community, but I really need your help.

I bought my cd-i 450 over 6 months ago and it worked perfectly. Because of summer holiday, my cd-i was not used for 8 weeks. Today I decided to power it up again, but I quickly ran into problems.

When I start up the game, it works alright but it quickly freezes (sometimes the sound first stops) and I get a 'your disc might be dirty' message. I cleaned the disc and put it back again, but I keep getting the same message. I also tried to clean up the cd-i itself carefully, because I suspect that the lens is dirty. Still, all games I have keep freezing after a short period of time and I keep getting the 'your disc might be dirty' message.

Is this just too much dust in the system (the discs are clean and worked perfectly 8 weeks ago) or is my cd-i broken? And can you clean the system without damaging the lens? I checked the lens with a magnifier glass and it looked fine.

Thanks for helping :)

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disc read problems,

Post by baco » Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:10 pm

Hi ya ,
what and how did you clean the lens with? Also the lens if moved even slightly ,as they need to reflect the laser light within a very tight area will give you a "dirty disc" message ,
You could try repositioning the lens very gently with a blast of compressed air , the type you use to clean dust from pc`s etc or VERY GENTLY useing a cotton bud (and ,make sure its 100% cotton NOT the ones with only a % of cotton as these can scratch the lens),then if the problem still exsists use a tiny dab of ISOPROPOL ALCOHOL on a Cotton bud . BUT any lens manipulation could make it worse, but as It not reeading disc at all "worse" is a relative term ,
That all I can suggest , good luck , BTW 450`s are pretty cheap on ebay , or you could even get a 220 etc as there are some good deals to be had,

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