How to solder a 2032 3v to the timekeeper?!

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How to solder a 2032 3v to the timekeeper?!

Post by Adr990 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:40 pm


How in earth to solder a wire to the 2032 battery? Which can only hold around 125 Celsius I believe.. :P

I know there are those Battery holders in some Old PC's like these:

But.. I'm not sure how to cut them off and re-use them.

How did you guys do it, and how to do it/where to get the battery holder?

I would be very thankfully, as after this I can play on my CD-i for about 10 years again without problems. :)

I fix Timekeepers and noisy/faulty disc trays/readers.
Looking for a complete games list of the CD-i. :lol:

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