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If you encounter any problems with your CD-i system or have difficulty operating some software for CD-i then post your problems here. With help from the CD-i community and the vast resources hosted on the CDinteractive network we should be able to solve any trouble your experiencing.
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DVC help

Post by jetblue » Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:27 am

Hi,man its been a while since i posted here!
But im keeping the cd-i scene alive here in USA and have repaired 6 cd-i's of various versions.
I need help on a cdi 200 i have here. I preformed the time keeper wire mod successfully and got a new dvc cart from germany at considerable cost. Was brand spanking new but doesnt work.
When i put in dragons lair it shows the message that not suitable with this hardware etc, and when i put in mutant rampage after the philips screen the screen turns black but the laser is making seeking sounds like it wants to work. when i remove the cart and start up mutant rampage again i get the message a digital video cart is needed to play this game.
At first i thought my player was faulty so i had a friend with a 910 try it and same thing.
The DVC cart is a 22ER9141/20
rest of the numbers on the stickers are:
9022 729 14121 AHOO 9427 000034
I removed the cart from the steel housing and tried inserting it that way. no change. I took the volt meter to it and i am registering 5v in various spots on the board so it is getting power.
It has 2 flash chips that i can see and 2 covered eproms. i know from working on other devices that if any of the information on the flash chips or eproms gets corrupted the device wont work. is that what im experiencing here i wonder?
Anyone have any info on what might be wrong with this cart or point me in a direction of repair? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Long live the cdi

also i have a friend with a 450 but no power brick. has anyone made a home made power brick with a pinout of the phone type connector before?

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Post by Adr990 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:05 pm

The 450 power brick supplies:
+5V DC 3.3A (16.5W MAX)
-5V DC 0.25A (2W MAX)



For the pinout, I don't know, but I bet someone already made a schematic.
If you can find a 450 power brick but with a broken plug, you can wire it as in the picture above though. ;)

It will work with a regular UTP cable making tool.
I fix Timekeepers and noisy/faulty disc trays/readers.
Looking for a complete games list of the CD-i. :lol:

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