Magnavox CD-i 450 troubles....need help

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Magnavox CD-i 450 troubles....need help

Post by newcdiowner » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:16 am

So i recently purchased my first CD-i... it is a 450 model. As of the console arriving, I had trouble getting picture to the tv (and yes I have everything hooked up right and set to the right A/V channel).

Upon further inspecting/messing around; the Cd-i works just fine and gets picture when I take out the Digital video cartridge. But having the DVC installed, just brings me to a black screen with nothing else. The seller who I bought it from is adamant that I have the DVC seated wrong (as it worked for him before he shipped it)....But in my opinion there is no room for error when seating the DVC as the console structure doesnt allow it (I have it placed it snug, it has no movement when installed; when I recieved the CD-i it was loose).

What I need to know, is it the DVC that is bad? or the Cd-i itself to not work properly with the DVC installed?.. The only options I have are to send it back to him 30 bucks both ways (so he can have a look at it he says...), or I could purchased another DVC for 25 bucks shipped. Im 110% sure I have the DVC installed right, because included in this deal I recieved the manual for the DVC which has installation instructions (and like I said the structure of the model doesnt leave room for error with installation).

Im really hoping to get a quick answer from someone who knows about this/and or has had the same problem.

Also the console does not save (bad timekeeper from what I've read), will this prevent me from playing games in the future or will the console still function without saves?

Thanks for the help if you can.

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Re: Magnavox CD-i 450 troubles....need help

Post by Ozfer » Sat Aug 03, 2013 4:07 pm

I'm sorry your question wasn't answered earlier but I am going to answer in case anyone else has the same problem. A bad timekeeper chip means you wont be able to save your games because the memory gets reset when the console is turned off. This will not limit you from being able to play games or software. You can look up a tutorial online on how to break the chip open and solder a new battery in if you want to be able to save your games. Or you can buy brand new time keeper ic chips on ebay for about $10 at ... 1423.l2649 and solder it in with a socket. Also I have never heard of a DVC going bad but it is probably possible. I would try to reseat the DVC and make sure it is firmly in the correct position. If it still does not work you will have to decide if you want to return it as it probably is broken. I'm not sure what model DVC you have but I have a spare lying around here somewhere... 8)

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