What happens if you put a nonstandard laser in the cd-i?

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What happens if you put a nonstandard laser in the cd-i?

Post by CD-i 450 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:13 pm

Most cd-is use 12.1, lets say i put a CDM-12.3 in my cd-i , would it blow up or would nothing happen at all?

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Philips CDI 205/00 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 210/00 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 210/20 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 210/40 	- cdm12.4
Philips CDI 210/60 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 220/00 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 220/20 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 220/40 	- cdm9
Philips CDI 220/60 	- cdm12.4
Philips CDI 220/80 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 450/00 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 470/00 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 470/20 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 490/00 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 550/00 	- cdm12.1
Philips CDI 740/00 	- cdm12.1
Philips FW380i/00 	 - cdm12.4
Philips FW380i/20 	 - cdm12.4

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Post by cdifan » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:20 pm

That depends entirely on the differences; they may not even use the same electrical connections! If they do, then it's reasonable to assume that nothing will blow up. That doesn't mean it will work reliably, or even work at all...

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