Magnavox CDI 200 won't POST with DVC in.

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Magnavox CDI 200 won't POST with DVC in.

Post by milatchi » Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:13 am

I recently got a Magnavox CD-i 200 off eBay with an installed Digital Video Cartridge. If I power it on with the installed DVC in, nothing appears on the front LED display, and the front buttons and remote do nothing. If I remove the DVC it powers up with no problems and outputs to the TV fine.

I tried removing and re-seating the DVC, but still nothing on the LED if the DVC is in.

Based on DVC specs. in other posts, my DVC is a 22ER9141/00, if that helps.

Any suggestions, known problems, or anything I should try?

Thanks in advance.

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