The Black Moon Project CD-i Store Updates

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The Black Moon Project CD-i Store Updates

Post by Devin » Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:49 pm

The CD-i Store wrote:The full version of the Mad Dog McCree Boxset without the game itself is now available from the hardware section at a discounted price. This includes everything including the Peacekeeper Revolver, Manual and Velcro Fasteners all in perfect condition. The tray and box are a little bashed but otherwise in good shape, so all you need is the standard version of Mad Dog McCree and this would be the full retail package complete. The complete version is also available in brand new shrink wrapped condition from the software section.

Further to the launch of CD-i Emulator the CD-i Null Modem Cable promotion has changed to a discounted copy of Dimo's Quest available for £2.50 when purchased with the cable. The original offer of a free game from the £5 range has now ended.
Made a new addition to The CD-i Store stock as quoted in the news post above.
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